Prostor at a glance

An ecosystem of services

We have developed a complementary set of services which work well together in the fields of social services, education and regional development. We envision these services as interdependent parts which can complement, not rival traditional state operated services. Out of this ethos of cooperation, not competition, emerges a wealth of added value.

Our drop-in centre and outreach programme specialise in drug addiction but are also able to assist the socially disadvantaged, homeless and those who are prone to high-risk behaviour as well as anyone affected by these issues. These traditionally divided services have been integrated to optimise the benefit to the local community.



We adapt to our region

Our mission is to identify areas where we can use our expertise to help people flourish. We use our extensive local networking skills and work with social policy makers to identify areas where we can work with existing governmental operations to bring benefits to local and national citizens.

Our primary prevention programme works with teachers and educational professionals in the educational setting to provide interactive and informative sessions which focus, not only on drug use, but also on racism, bullying, cyberbullying, sexually risky behavior and promoting personal development.

Rooted in community development

We have spent time developing a reliable and permanent presence in the communities we operate in. We see each facility as an organic contribution to a greater whole: a place where, not only our services can come together, but also a hub where stakeholders can become engaged and motivated to take part in regional, national and EU-wide issues.

Prostor plus runs 3 centers for youth, 2 centers for socially disadvantaged people, 1 center for drug addiction and other risky behaviour (providing complete care), 1 outdoor nursery school and 1 center for psychological and mental health along with a conference centre and event facilities for 80 participants, combined with teaching spaces which are available for hire



Helping people is in our DNA

We think that people and communities will grow and develop in the right environment. Our role is to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to flourish on a level playing field. We are committed to providing a helping hand to those who need it and the knowledge-base and facilities to those who wish to offer it.

We run youth centres for children, teenagers and young adults which are from socially disadvantaged backgrounds, outdoor nursery schools which promote a healthy lifestyle amongst the very young, and therapy centres for those with or without mental illnesses. But we also work with local companies to improve the physical surroundings and provide cultural events which enrich everyone’s lives.

We adapt and adopt best practice

We are sensitive to international approaches and are always looking to adapt international models. we soak up best practice and offer a range of skills and facilities in return. We have been active in the past 10 years in lifelong learning, active aging and people and youth at risk. We were early adopters of the idea that investing time and money in those who need help now, will bring real benefits down the road.

Our education and conferencing centre has provided the opportunity for active aging programs which get the older generation online and numerous conferences on social services and related issues. Our social enterprise programme has got socially disadvantaged people off benefits and into work.



Think global, act local

We act local but think global to deliver a new approach to local development which we want to adapt to the national and international scale. We believe our suite of integrated services, backed up with a permanent physical presence and the flexibility to adapt to the needs of the community offer a local solution to issues which exist on a global scale.

Our Better place app has enabled thousands of people to take part in managing their community by giving them direct access to their town hall and related information. We have shown the way technology, creative thinking and people power can make our communities a better place and we are working hard to bring this idea to other countries.