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Better Place

Our Better Place website and companion app provides a bridge between the town hall, local people and 3rd party service providers. You can easily input your suggestions on the website, or in the Better Place app. Just take a picture of the problem, describe it briefly and add it as a new suggestion. You do not lose time by going to the authorities or filling in forms because Better Place will take care of the rest. Your suggestion will be delivered to an appropriate official, who will then take steps to sort it out.



Social Trade

Our social trade initiative is a response to a failing of the traditional approach to back to work schemes. The Employment office is focused on getting people into full-time permanent employment, but the labour pool and labour market need flexible, reliable and affordable employment which nonetheless pays a living wage. To fill this gap in the market our initiative aims to take people off the dole and progress them through a structured and supportive back to work scheme while at the same time supplying the labour market with what it demands.


European Voluntary Service (EVS) in the Central Bohemian town Kolín allows you to perform volunteer service in our organisation for 2-12 months. Opportunity for young people aged 17 – 30 years old who want to live in the Czech Republic, gain experience, make new friends and learn a foreign language. You can participate in the daily work of our organisation dealing with children, youth, social excluded poeple, communication technologies, media literacy, culture, creativity, development cooperation, social welfare. You´ll become a part of our team of nice and positive people and you´ll work in modern offices.


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