Our work


Our primary prevention program

Our mobile primary prevention program is seamlessly integrated into the elementary school system. Our main goal is to educate, advise and guide pupils away from substance abuse and raise awareness about the risks of addictive substances. We have a secondary goal of targeting issues such as racism, bullying and cyber bullying, aggressive behavior, sexually risky behavior, handling conflict, dealing with emotions, self-expression and generally helping kids adjust to the changes they are going through physically, emotionally, socially and mentally.



Our outdoor nursery

Offering outstanding care and an unrivalled quality of education to the parents of Kutna Hora and the surrounding area. This one-of-a-kind nursery promotes a healthy and active lifestyle, grounds learning in real, easy to understand practical activities and helps children get in touch with nature. Our nursery promotes best practice in the child care and educational sector by leading the way in work friendly opening hours, affordable costs and promoting the link between a healthy body and a healthy mind.