Our work

Social services


The K-Centre is the base of operations for our drug addiction service. We operate a drop-in centre, a needle exchange, an award-winning outreach program, a clinic, a crisis refuge and an information centre for those with drug addiction problems and those affected by drug use. This centre gives us the ability to offer professional integrated addiction and other risky behaviour support and counselling services on  a reliable and permanent basis.



Drug outreach program

Our outreach program is a mobile drug addiction social service which is primarily involved in finding clients, delivering medical assistance and advice and counselling those affected by drugs addiction in difficult to reach situations and traditionally marginalised groups. It also acts as a gateway to our more intensive and focused services, such as the K-Centre and our youth clubs.

Kotelna youth club

Located in a repurposed boiler room this youth club is a shining example of how to provide social services to a close-knit marginalised community. The youth club provides a vital channel for information and an opportunity for social counselling to be done as well as promoting understanding between the socially disadvantaged and the mainstream community. Our youth club also acts as a bridge between traditional social services and communities that have traditionally been ignored.



Our Kolarka youth club

Located on a purposely redeveloped brownfield site, the Kolarka youth club is a popular place for socially disadvantaged children, teenagers and young adults to engage in healthy and stabilizing social activity. The club is also the base of operation for individual and group counselling, advice, therapy and peer program. The club is a vital tool for offering social seminars in an attractive, positive and non-coercive way. We want to give the youth of today the space to have a voice, the skills to speak out and the motivation to change the way things are.

Our mobile Klubus

Bringing together stakeholders from the corporate world, politics and members of the community, our Klubus is an innovative response to the problem of bringing social services to isolated and distributed communities without having to find appropriate locations. We can offer a  range of services, anywhere, anytime bringing a special space to the socially disadvantaged in situ. As an attractive and fun place our Klubus also acts as a bridge between our innovative approach to social services and the more traditional offerings of the state. Newly service offers a School club for school children.



Zengrovka Community Centre

This project grew out of a perceived stigmatisation of an area of Kolin that was mainly housing socially excluded groups. the aim was to redevelop the site as an catalyst for social change. We concentrated on social services that would enable the community to help itself and the choice of services, improvements and clubs offered was driven by requests from the residents and community leaders themselves. The range of services offered includes a nursery school ‘light’, it classes and additional space and support for families with the aim of introducing the benefits of schooling and the advantages of a quite equipped space at an early age to a traditionally excluded minority group.

Social outreach service

Our mobile unit aims to  bring our social service to socially excluded individuals, families and groups which live in isolated rural locations. For many of these clients, it is the only positive interaction they have ever received from the state. The range of issues which can be addressed by our team include health, family planning, housing, personal finance, employment and education. This service is especially important as a first step in introducing individuals and families to the benefits of our social services.